We strive to meet all your dry-cleaning and laundry needs. We pride ourselves on giving each garment and cleanable item the special attention your possessions deserve. Care labels are not only read, the manufacturers’ instructions are diligently followed. In an effort to insure the highest quality of workmanship, each item is inspected at least three stations before it is returned to you.


Clothing (of course). . . .Crisp shirts, starched jeans, fresh cotton blouses, soft silk suits, dresses, shorts. . .almost anything in your closet. . even simple things like tees. . .we make sure everything is ready to wear!

Linens: Tablecloths are almost too much to manage after a big family “DO”, but we can DO them for you and they will be all ready for your next event. We can take care of those napkins and place mats, too. You can enjoy the time you save and you will love the look of your next “Tablescape”!

Small Pillows: Depending on the fill, we may not be able to do a complete cleaning, but even a “Spot” cleaning can freshen your decor and extend the time an item can be used. We will tell you whether or not a thorough cleaning is possible.

Comforters & Bedspreads: Some labels say “Machine Wash” but if the middle section is dry when it comes out of your machine, it’s too big to do at home.  We can help!

Restoration Items: Grandma’s Quilt and Aunt Betty’s wedding dress. . .We have helped preserve many treasures. Let us take a look at yours.

Miscellaneous: Hats, handbags, parasols. . .We can’t do everything, but we can tell you what we think is possible.

Uniforms: Scouts, Band, Flags, BDUs. . .We crease and fold and tuck according to your instructions. . .

Alterations: Hems, holes, patches, tears. . .repairs of all kinds are all in a day’s work for our Alterations Lady. Typically, simple orders can be completed and returned within a week.