Welcome to Top Hat Cleaners

For more than twenty years, TOP HAT CLEANERS has served the dry-cleaning needs of Polk County.  Our  friendly staff takes particular care with each and every order and proudly provides customers with professional workmanship.  Visit us at any of our four convenient locations.


Auburndale      212 Main Street
6AM- 6PM  Monday- Friday
9AM -1PM Saturday

We call this our “Main” Store. . partly because of the address and partly because it was opened first.  All processing is done here in order to insure consistent quality.  Ours was the first Laundry Drive Through Pick-up/Drop-off Door in this area.

212 Main Street, Auburndale, FL


Spirit Lake
9AM- 6PM  Monday-Friday
9AM – 1PM Saturday

1092 Spirit Lake Road Winter Haven, FL

We’re right next door to Publix. . . .easy to find an there’s never a problem about locating a parking place!

Laundry Center
9AM- 6PM Monday-Friday
9AM-1PM Saturday

150 Second Street, Winter Haven, FL

The Laundry Center is painted in an Art-Deco style and is located in the heart of Winter Haven.  This old structure was the home of a cleaning company long before there was a Top Hat!

Cypress Gardens Road

9AM-6PM Monday-Friday
9AM-1PM Saturday

3064 Cypress Gardens Road, Winter Haven, FL

The drive through feature at this location is so easy to use, many of our customers never come through the front door!